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the ultimate way of sharing your little piece of heaven

Summer has come and gone. Fall came and went, but didn't stay around too long. And now, Old Man Winter is in route. Not only bringing colder weather (it was 11 degrees here Wedensday morning) but he is bringing some special guests. He has invited some of our more evasive native neighbors along to help him bring in the joyful time of the year. Soon, Hallooween, then the scrumptious settings of an enormous Thanksgiving Day dinner, followed by the joyful holiday and excitement of possibly a white Christmas!
We set up a trail cam on our deck, and oh the surprises we got when we looked at what critters we caught on our deck in the middle of the night while we were sound asleep.


Be extra careful with fires! Be sure you have a burn permit, and always call the TCSO before you burn anything!


October 31, 2015

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