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SUMMER IS HERE ! ! ! ! !

And with the moisture we have received these last couple of months, and still getting plenty of it even as we speak, Florissant Heights is one beautiful place to call home! There seems to be more wild flowers this year than ever before! The meadows are alive with vibrant color. Every where you look, there are purples, yellows, whites, and a few reds highlighting the meadows! Summer is here! Decorating our front and back yards like never before. Some are so awesome, you just want to slow down and smell the roses! Enjoy what Mother nature is blessing us with this year. Just makes you want to stop and take some pictures.
Pictures? Really? Pictures? Why not? 
Let's have a photo contest!! If you like to take pictures of where you live, and then brag about them, this is the year to do so!  And this is the place to show off your photos of your home environment. Brag about how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful piece of Heaven!!
Submit you pictures to


(Copy and paste this email address in the 'TO' line of your composed email, and send us your pictures.)

Then check our site and see what makes us all proud to live in Florissant Heights! Show off your skills! Show off your favorite photos! Show off Florissant Heights ! ! ! !

July 22, 2015

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