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to our little piece of Heaven

Summer has come and gone. Fall came, but didn't stay around too long. And now, Old Man Winter has made his appearance. And, boy, he has done it in style. He started early this year, and doesn't appear to be letting up any time soon. We have had multiple mornings in the sub zero temperatures. Yesterday morning was 2 degrees, although it did warm up to around 50 degrees by noon! Makes it hard to get outside chores done with just a couple hours in the afternoon, because by 4, the temperatures begin to drop. And they drop quickly!
Old man winter does do his best to not only bring us cold winter weather, but bring us some special guests.
He has invited some of our more elusive native neighbors along to help him entertain us during this time that nature does its annual refurbishing of God's creations.
We set up a trail cam on our deck, and oh the surprises we got when we looked at what critters we caught on our deck in the middle of the night while we were sound asleep. Deer, bear, fox, domestic cats (?), dogs - there is quite the list! Want to be the talk of the neighborhood? Remember, birds of a feather flock together, and squawk together. Put up some bird feeders, some suet, and it won't take long before our fine feathered friends spread the word, and they will come and entertain you even on the coldest day of the year! They are fun to watch. Especially the acrobats of the bird world!


Now for some sad news.

Two nights ago, one of our neighbors lost everything they had when their home burnt down. Nothing was salvageable. Like a good neighbor, they had cleaned up around their house, and mitigated all the trees close by, which resulted in the prevention of the fire jumping into the trees and starting a forest fire.
If you have something you can donate or loan to them to help them get thru these trying times, you can contact the Aspen Mine Community Center down in Cripple Creek at 719-689-3584.The Aspen Mine is a non-profit community organization in Cripple Creek that provides assistance to those in need. This is a cold time of the year, but lets warm the hearts of a neighbor in need!!


Be extra careful with fires! Be sure you have a burn permit, and always call the TCSO before you burn anything!


January 28, 2016

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