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   'Tis the season' ! ! ! !  

Yes it is. The season most  likely  for forest fires or wild fires
to be ignited by Mother nature, or by her  children enjoying the great outdoors, but not being careful enough or taking enough caution, to prevent these devastating disasters!
Teller County is being very alert in issuing fire bans as necessary, and lifting them when the conditions are less critical. Please check with the Teller County Sheriff's Office BEFORE you burn anything. Trash, campfires, and BBQ's top the list of dangerous igniters of unwanted fires!
Do not be afraid of reporting persons not adhereing to any fire ban. It could save YOUR HOME!!!

Please don't forget about our native neighbors that will be on the prowl day and night, looking for food, or just laying in the nice springtime sun!! Be on the lookout. If you avoid them, they will avoid you.



May 23, 2014

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